As we celebrate 165 years since the first railway company was founded in Victoria; lines and stations, many still in use, turn 160; and 100 years since the start of electrification, it is worth a look back at rail transport in Victoria...

From the first company in 1853, to all the other companies that followed.

From possibly first loco hauled train in the Southern Hemisphere on 12 September 1854. The start of electrification in 1918, through the gradual change over to both electric and diesel locos, to the last regular steam operations in 1969. And even locos that were planned but never built, like 2 more H class, and even a broad gauge Garrett.

From the great boom of the railways with over 7,652 km of track, where no Victorian, apart from those in the mountain regions, were more than 42 km from a railway line. To the removal of lines, some to be converted to tram lines or tourist railways, others to parkland or replace by bike trails, and even some where there is no trace left.

This site is dedicated to those who dreamed, those who built, those who operated or controlled, and those who preserve Victoria's once great train network.

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